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Your Team

Suzanne Keenan, RN NP

Click here to view Suzanne Keenan’s curriculum vitae.

Suzanne graduated from the University of San Francisco with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN).  Following years as an RN in both hospital and outpatient environments, Suzanne continued her academic training at the University of Connecticut, where she received her Masters Degree in Nursing (MSN) and became a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Suzanne has worked as an oncology RN at both Mills and PeninsulaHospitals for 16 years.  Suzanne also worked in Primary Care as a Nurse Practitioner in New England before returning to her native California and joining California Cancer Care in 2009.

Suzanne believes deeply in a team approach to provide care for the “whole patient”, where the team works together to support patients and family members from both a physical and emotional perspective.   Suzanne has always been a strong patient advocate, an approach that serves her, California Cancer Care, and her patients well.

Suzanne is married with two adult sons.  She enjoys travel with her family, hiking both on the Coast and the Sierra NevadaMountains, and is a dedicated San Francisco Giants fan, earning the distinguished nickname of “gamer”.