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Support & Resources

Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial Services


The diagnosis of cancer is a stressful event that demands both physical and psychological adjustment. The individual diagnosed with cancer, as well as his or her family members, may experience increased stress emotionally, socially, and financially.

We encourage our patients and their family members to meet with our Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help discover ways to cope with illness, reduce stress, and learn about community resources. Often, talking about issues related to diagnosis and treatment can help you discover specific solutions and develop strategies for problem-solving.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a method for understanding and paying attention to what your body and mind is trying to tell you. Through the intentional guidance of your thoughts and images, you can learn to relax and be more comfortable in any situations. Imagery has been shown to affect heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory patterns and immune system function as well as reduction of emotional stress for individuals with cancer. Guided imagery exercises are specifically designed for the individual’s goals, needs and health challenges.

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