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Support & Resources


Links to Online Resources

The Patient Resource Center is an independent and comprehensive source of cancer treatment information provided exclusively for patients and their families.

Survivor Stories

Here, women and men who are living with cancer or have completed treatment and are cancer-free share their stories of survival, from initial diagnosis and treatment to recovery and the ways that cancer has transformed their lives.


Caregivers are individuals who provide care to chronically ill or disabled family members or friends. Learn more about the critical role that caregivers play.

Hints for Patients and Friends

Managing a cancer diagnosis and the treatment that follows can be overwhelming. But there are steps that patients and caregivers and friends can take to alleviate some of the stress of the situation. Here we list practical, proactive measures that can make all the difference.

Home Health Care

At some point during a cancer journey, patients might consider receiving medical care in their own homes as part of their recovery or treatment plan. The following information will help patients and caregivers know what to expect if they choose home health care.

Financial Issues

Informing yourself about options and resources for confronting the financial challenges that cancer presents is no less important than studying disease characteristics and treatment options. An understanding of the various ways to ease the burden of medical bills can be a critical step in alleviating stress and allowing you to remain focused on your care and well-being or that of your loved one.

Advanced Directives

Severe illness or an accident could result in an inability to communicate or to make choices. Thinking ahead and making choices about advanced directives, living wills, and other planning related to your health will help your loved ones and ease your mind.

Life After Treatment

Completing treatment for cancer is an accomplishment. You may feel a great sense of relief as some of the anxiety and discomfort subside and the inconvenience is over. After thinking about cancer every waking moment during treatment, you need to resolve a few issues as you begin to recover physically and move on with your life.

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