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Support & Resources

Cancer Awareness & Risk Evaluation

<strong>C<em>ancer</em> A<em>wareness</em> and R<em>isk</em> E<em>valuation</em></strong>

“We could prevent 100,000 cancer cases a year if more people adopted an
overall healthy lifestyle…To get there means helping people get
screened, quit smoking, exercise more, eat better and
keep their weight in check.”

Graham Colditz, M.D.
Director, Harvard Center for
Cancer Prevention

CARE is a program designed for cancer patients, their families and concerned individuals. Its primary focus is to decrease an individual’s risk of developing cancer and/or a recurrent cancer. While we are aware cancer cannot be prevented, we know there are ways to decrease the risk.

Individuals who access CARE gain knowledge and insight through an in-depth consultation addressing the following issues:

CARE is also a safety net for cancer patients who feel vulnerable once treatment has finished. Having experienced a life-threatening illness, patients may feel more anxiety and fear as they try to re-integrate themselves into the world. CARE is great resource that enables patients to feel and be pro-active regarding their medical care, their future and their family’s future.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call (650) 294-2561.

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