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Art for Healing

Art for Healing

Drawing, painting or even just doodling helps express feelings that are deeper than words. The process of creating art can provide a means of expressing your innermost self. Participation in an Art for Healing session is not about the final product, but rather about the experience and the feelings it helps uncover. Focusing on the process, not the end result, is what makes art healing.

Each session provides the opportunity to slow down and quietly listen to yourself. Creating art then becomes a way to pay attention to and, therefore, help to heal the whole self. Participation in Art for Healing can bring serenity; it can be playful and fun as well.

Absolutely no prior training or experience is needed to take part or to benefit from participation. Art for Healing sessions are held in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere. A wide variety of art materials, such as paint, pastels, collage, and clay are provided for self expression.

Art for Healing is offered at our Greenbrae office each Tuesday from 2:30-5:30.

For additional information, please call (415) 925-5000.